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“Jerome Williams, better known as The Junkyard Dog (JYD)
“Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams” played for the “Georgetown Hoyas under legendary “Coach John Thompsonand alongside Allen Iverson. He then went on and become a “first roundNBA draft pick and played for 9 seasons for the “New York Knicks,” Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors setting records along the way in rebounding over some of the biggest names in the league such as “Tim Duncan”, “Charles Barkley“, “Hakeem Olajuwon” and “Dennis Rodman. He also currently coaches at “Findlay Prep one of the best “High School basketball teams in the country; and has coached a number of talented players, including “Anthony Bennett one of the most recent premier “draft picks in the “NBA.

While Jerome’s on the court accomplishments were truly impressive, his real talents were recognized in a number of ways. This interview introduces us to Jerome as few have seen him and clearly connects sports to the life lessons that help guide us all. Known as the “Junkyard Dog for his tenacity and work ethic, Jerome silenced doubters while sticking, to what he calls, “his plan” which included understanding his role, staying humble, and remaining focused on maximizing his talents throughout his career. Most impressively, Jerome was able to execute his plan to guide him through challenges and success, as an “NBA star and as a parent, which has helped him excel in so many facets of his personal and professional life.

“Jerome Williams”, above all , is most proud of his foundation, the “JYD Project”, an integrated support system for youth and their families that ensures successful matriculation from elementary school to college. “Jerome Williams  is about character, determination, discipline, dedication, leadership, triumph over adversity, grace, charisma, family, success, spirituality, credibility and like-ability, and that’s the Doggpound’s short list. The attributes that embody “Jerome Williams resonate with a wide ranging audience and fan base. More than just an incredible athlete, as a person, Jerome recognizes the powerful influence he has had on consumers and embraces the responsibility that comes with being considered a fan favorite and role model.

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Motivational Quote

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
-Martin Luther King

Jerome “Junkyard Dog” (JYD) Williams First Job

Jerome had many jobs growing up such as cutting lawns, working as a chef, and selling windows. However he also pumped gas and worked at a car washing/detailing shop.

When Did It Click

Everything clicked while playing for the Georgetown Hoyas, where he was told to understand his role, by legendary Coach John Thompson, to utilize his ability as a rebounder in order to differentiate himself and pave his future

Healthy Daily Habit

Drink water all the time as well as freshly made juice with all healthy ingredients. Does not drink alcohol.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Robot, by Trip Lee

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Remember The Titans

Book Recommendation(s)

Game Plan For Life (Joe Gibbs), by Washington Redskins Hall of Fame Head Coach, Joe Gibbs

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

John Thompson, Jerome’s Former Head Coach at Georgetown University and Hall of Fame Inductee.

Foundation or Charity You Support

The JYD Project, Founded and Organized by Jerome Williams

Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Listen to Jerome speak about what type of car he purchased after being a first round draft pick in the NBA and why all his teammates laughed at him. Laugh no more as Jerome is now known as the Car Guy.
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