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“Mike Tannenbaum
“Mike Tannenbaum, former General Manager of the “New York Jets from 2006-2012 made his mark both on professional sports and organizational leadership in a number of ways. Early in his career, Mike worked with current “New England Patriots Head Coach, “Bill Belichick while he was with the “Cleveland Browns, and then with the “New Orleans Saints. However, years later his career took a turn for the best after interviewing with “Hall of Fame Inductee, “Bill Parcells, who was ultimately responsible for hiring Mike to join the “New York Jets back in 1997.

True to his work ethic and team player attitude, Mike dedicated his time and passion into the franchise until he earned his promotion and named the youngest General Manager in the “National Football League.” From there, Mike successfully lead the Jets into one of the more successful times in franchise history, as the Jets reached the playoffs three times and the “AFC Championship Game in back-to-back seasons.

Although many have identified with Mike as most of us did on “HBO’s featured sport’s series, “Hard Knocks, this interview portrays how Mike’s success in the “NFL goes far beyond his incredible tenure as a General Manager. Over the years, Mike realized that to work in sports he had to start from the ground up. As a dedicated “Red Auerbach and “Boston Celtics fan at a young age, Mike pursued his dream of having a job in the world of sports and sought out any opportunity he could, eventually taking a low paying job with the Pittsfield Mets, a minor league baseball team. However, by following his own “pillars of success” methodology, his journey in a Western Massachusetts small town minor league stadium was simply a launching point for decades of success to come. Graduating cum Laude from “Tulane University Law School,” Mike earned his degree in “Sports Law and positioned himself to be a strong candidate to continue his dream of landing a position in the “NFL.”

Listen in as Mike candidly explains what it means to be a true leader, a team player and a person of character and integrity. Learn how Mike instilled simple, yet oftentimes, overlooked principals and core values with the “New York Jets that went far beyond the practice and playing field. Mike’s story is both inspirational and motivational as he reveals details of his journey and how he used rejection as a catalyst to only work harder. Enjoy stories such as his “wallpaper of rejection,” and his ability to bounce back and reverse the situation when facing unemployment and major debt from law school student loan; as it was the only way he knew how to respond to that situation.

It is an honor to introduce “Mike Tannenbaum to the show as he exemplifies so many of the life lessons that sports reveal. Even Mike’s behind-the-scenes story will introduce you to little known, but fascinating facts that very few people have heard before, so listen and enjoy another episode of “Who Are You: The Life Lessons of Sports.”

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Motivational Quote

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” by, “Confucius

Mike Tannenbaum First Job

Low-level intern with the Pittsfield Mets Minor League Baseball Team

When Did It Click

It clicked for Mike in High School, while growing up and living in Boston, MA, when he admired Red Auerbach as he negotiated deals to bring in Kevin McHale, Larry Bird and RobertParish. He knew then that sports was what he wanted to do with life.

Healthy Daily Habit

A great morning workout, no exceptions.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Cray Trainby Ozzie Osbourne

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Bull Durham

Book Recommendation(s)

1) Team of Rivals: The Political Genuis of “Abraham Lincoln, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
2) The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in “Business”, by Patrick Lencioni

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

1) Bill Polian, 6-time Executive of the NFL andGeneral Manager
2) Abraham Lincoln

Foundation or Charity You Support

1) University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Dreams in Sports, Marilyn and Richie Tannenbaum Foundation
2) YMCA Somerset Hills High School; The Tannenbaum Family Scholarship Award

Mike Tannenbaum Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Listen to Paul as he explains what it felt like, while working with the Cleveland Indians in 1997, to be 3 outs away from a World Series Victory in Game 7 against the Florida Marlins. From the excitement of the possibility to the reality of the situation in the end, Paul reflects back on the incredible journey and the hard work it takes to make it that far and be that close to being a champion.
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