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Nancy Lieberman
Nancy Lieberman” 
is a “Hall of Famer,” “Olympian“, broadcaster, author, and one of the greatest athletes ever to play the game of “basketball”. Known as “Lady Magic” because of her similarity in athletic ability and charisma to NBA All-Star and Legend “Magic Johnson“, Nancy has an incredible array of achievements at every level.

While Nancy’s play on the basketball court was truly magic, her off the court leadership arguably represents her true wizardry. Despite her upbringing, Nancy had an “I’m not going to be poor attitude” and ultimately turned that mindset into a very powerful message of learn, earn, and return. From making cotton candy and literally asking strangers for money to jumpstart her international career as a 15-year old, to becoming an all-around leader in so many facets of life, there is more than one reason that “Muhammad Ali” took her on as a life-long mentee and why leaders in the world of sports such as “Larry Fitzgerald”, “Joe Girardi“, “Michael Irvingand “Mike Tomlinroutinely reach out to her for input and advice.

Through personal stories and reflections, Nancy points to the importance of understanding our roles in parenting and in being part of a team, of philanthropy, and of aiming to be extraordinary.

Currently Nancy’s Foundation partnered with “Andeler Power Team Up” (see below for further details)

I am so pleased to have on our show today: Lady Magic!

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Motivational Quote

“Don’t go through life without two mitts; you have to give something back.” by “Maya Angelou

Nancy Lieberman First Job

Worked the cotton candy concession at the local amusement park.

When Did It Click

Realizing Nancy could hang with the boys on the court; and then the men as she continued to work hard and climb up the ranks, especially with the support of Muhammad Ali.

Healthy Daily Habit

Works out daily to take care of herself, so she can take of others in the future.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

“I am Superwoman” by Alicia Keys

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Field of Dreams
League of Their Own

Book Recommendation(s)

Toughness  by “Jay Bilas
Playbook for Success” by Nancy Lieberman

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

Warren Buffett

Foundation or Charity You Support

The Nancy Lieberman Foundation
Nancy Lieberman and Andeler Power Team Up

Nancy Lieberman Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Nancy Lieberman“: Learn where the relationship between “Muhammad Ali” and Nancy all began as a special bond was formed for life. Also, did you know Nancy played with the Jackson boys, as in the Michael Jackson? Listen in to these incredible stories.

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