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Megan Porteous
Megan Porteous” is a sports marketing strategist at “Digital Royalty” helping sports athletes and teamsHumanize” their brands. While not working on brands she enjoys “beach volleyball, marathon running and “Paddle Boarding” around “San Diego” Bay.

Megan was a Division I Collegiate Athlete and “final four “Volleyball participant. She then spent 6 years as a sports marketing manager at “Oakley, Inc.” before moving on to “Digital Royalty“. At “Oakley” she helped provide brand eyewear to “professional‘ and “Olympicathletes, such as “Kerri Walsh“.

Oh yeah…she once raised sheep too!

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Motivational Quote

“Create your own luck.” from her coach

Megan Porteous First Job

Megan’s first jobs included babysitting and later working at a pizza place and “In-N-Out Burger.

When Did It Click

One day at volleyball camp was enough to teach her about teamwork which lasted through her whole life.

Healthy Daily Habit

Megan uses the Urgent/Important Matrix to manage her to-do list.

She also exercises once a day and eats nut butter (peanut,cashew,almond) snacks.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Happy” by “Pharrell Williams”

Favorite Sports Movie(s)


Book Recommendation(s)

Renegades Write the Rules” by “Amy Jo Martin

The Boys in the Boat” by “Daniel James Brown

Foundation or Charity Megan Porteous Supports

The Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Megan Porteous Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Click Here To Listen: Megan shares a time working at “Oakley” when she was “starstruck” when she first met a future client and now friend, “Kerri Walsh“. But, Kerri set her at ease with her kind demeanor and easy-to-approach personality. She also shares the story of how she met her husband while working at “Oakley.

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Additional Information Referenced During Interview

Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants