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Marcellus Wiley
“Marcellus Wiley, the former “NFL 10 year all-pro football player, currently co-hosts “SportsNation on “ESPN2 and a talk radio show on “ESPN” “710am” in Los Angeles. He was also the 2nd round draft pick coming out of “Columbia University by the “Buffalo Bills. That’s right, Columbia University. Wait a second, wasn’t that the Columbia University who, at the time, had lost 44 straight games! Yes, it was and yes, that’s where the power of Marcellus Wiley and his narrative to date begins; a narrative that he currently says “is far from the end.”

Marcellus grew up in Compton and learned from an early age how important it was to know his limitations and his strengths if he was going to move beyond his “Los Angeles neighborhood and take advantage of what the world had to offer. Through guidance and his athletic ability allowing him to play multiple sports, Marcellus was able to achieve just that. His choice to attend Columbia over top-notch “football schools underscores his desire to embrace adversity, to adopt a position of leadership, and to follow his own path.

Marcellus instinctively knew, that the keys to success were going to have to be built on the fundamental platform that included: surrounding himself with people who could challenge him in positive ways, having the “mindset that life is a marathon not a sprint, and using multiple “sports to help him form and cement not only opportunity, but his identity. Marcellus will undoubtedly influence how you view your own path as grit, determination and the school of hard knocks is inspiring.

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Motivational Quote

“Life is a competition between you and yourself” by “Mark Twain

Marcellus Wiley First Job

Worked in a gym as a Cardiovascular Monitor (walked around with a clipboard watching time go by and kicking people off of the machines)

When Did It Click

Started to travel as a young man to various track and field events, taking him out of Compton and around the country.

Healthy Daily Habit

Works out daily

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Something from a scary movie to scare that pitcher OR simply a song from “Outkast”, maybe the song, Elevators

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Rocky III”

Book Recommendation(s)

Still trying to figure this one out, but it was a book about a marathoner and it had something to do with self-help. Marcellus–help us out here!?!

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

Kanye West” or “Michael Jackson

Foundation or Charity You Support

The 1and6 Foundation

Marcellus Wiley Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Marcellus Wiley takes us onto the airplane for his first flight as a NFL player and WOW, wait to you hear what happened. Let’s just say his agent told him to never forget about the lesson that came out of that ride. Click Here To Gain Access to this Exclusive Part of the Show

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