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Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill is the Co-Host of “Numbers Never Lie” on “ESPN2 with “Michael Smith“.  Growing up in “Detroit, Jemele was “a bit of a tom-boy” and loved sports, especially the “Detroit Tigers“. From playing with the kids on the street to keeping up with the stories in the newspapers she always found sports a good escape. It was this love that gave Jemele her early inklings that “sports journalism” might be the path for her.

From high school to college and beyond Jemele focused on “sports media” almost exclusively. She served as a “sports writer with the Detroit Free Press covering events such as the “Summer Olympics” and the “NBA Playoffs. Her goal was to work for “Sports Illustrated“, however when the opportunity arose when she was 22 years old Jemele made the difficult decision to turn it down. Jemele found that writing full time for a smaller market would be better long term as opposed to fact checking for “Sports Illustrated“. The senior editor at the time agreed with her choice saying “We will never be able to afford you later.”

From working with multiple sports publications to working at ESPN, Jemele has shown how much can be gained from having a focus and a drive to do what you love. Join us for a great interview with a wonderful and open individual.

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Motivational Quote

“The best revenge is success”

Jemele Hill First Job

Filing cases at The Department of Social Services

When Did It Click

From her youngest days Jemele loved working with sports and sports media.

Healthy Daily Habit

Maintain a good balance between your work and your life.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Happy” by “Pharrell Williams

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Any Given Sunday


Book Recommendation(s)

Undisputed Truth” by “Mike Tyson

Beyond the Game: The Collected Sportswriting of Gary Smith” by “Gary Smith

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

Did not ask

Foundation or Charity Jemele Hill Supports

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Jemele Hill Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Jemele reveals that she is a big fan of “Soap Operas“, especially “The Young and the Restless

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