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“Kevin Harrington
“Kevin Harrington” was a multi-sport athlete and went on to become a tremendous high school wrestler, one of the best in the city of “Cincinnati, Ohio.”

In fact, after listening to this interview you will quickly understand the parallel life between Kevin’s high school success on the wrestling mat to the man we know today who defines every letter in the word “entrepreneur.”

As a pioneer in the Entrepreneurial World, Kevin has worked with some of the most fascinating people in the world, creating a brand that led to over 500 projects over a 30-year period with the “As Seen On TV brand. Engaging with athletes and entertainers such as “Bruce Jenner, Tony Little,” George Foreman and Lo Green, Kevin tells all on this podcast journey. Perhaps best known for his role on the hit “TV Show Shark Tank,” his story goes well beyond that and provides a critical example of how the life lessons of sports can lead to achievements in all aspects of life including his enthusiasm, focus, and energy led him to be a leader in the infomercial market and several other aspects of business.

Listen and learn as we hear an original “Shark,  the mastermind behind the “George Foreman Grill and infomercials, Kevin walks us through his journey from tenacious athlete to serial entrepreneur. Although he is certainly not “Joe Maddon,” from his beloved “Tampa Bay Devil Rays,” Kevin has the drive of a “Major League Baseball Manager and shares the parallels between “sports and “business during this podcast interview. Whether you are in business or simply love sports, you will learn Kevin’s blueprint to “success, both on and off the wrestling mat that undoubtedly will “inspire and “motivate you.

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Motivational Quote

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the fastest or the strongest….those who win are those who think they can.” paraphrase fromGreen Bay Packers” Coach “Vince Lombardi

Kevin Harrington First Job

Worked as a dishwasher at 11 years old

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Rocky Theme Song from the Movie “Rocky

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Field of Dreams

Book Recommendation(s)

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Jerry Vaynerchuk

Kevin Harrington Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Kevin Harrington tells us, in detail, how a huge business deal was decided by a true takedown wrestling match on the top floor of a Penthouse Suite in “Las Vegas, NV

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