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Erik Weihenmayer
Erik Weihenmayer lost his vision at the age of 13 due to a degenerative eye disorder called retinoschisis. Despite his blindness Erik has become one of the most accomplished adventurers in the world. Determined to rise above his disability, Erik has redefined what it means to be blind, leading a fulfilling and inspiring life with his beautiful family. The most recent proof that “no barrier, in Erik’s words, will stop him from “finishing the story” is the “No Barriers challenge he has casted. The language off the “No Barriers Pledge” is clearly stated on his website “www.kayakingblind.org“:

I pledge to view my life as a relentless quest to become my very best self,
To always view the barriers in my life as opportunities to learn,
To find ways to work with others to build teams, serve those in need, and do good in the world,
And to push the boundaries of what people say is possible, for only I know the potential that lies inside of me.

Erik constantly dares himself to dream and then accomplish incredible feats – all in the face of impossible odds. Erik is the only blind person who has reached the summit of “Mount Everest” and the tallest peak on each of the seven continents. Today, Erik continues to inspire others with “motivational” talks, “charity work“, and “wild adventures” such as “whitewater kayaking“.

Erik’s speaking career has taken him around the world, from “Hong Kong” to “Switzerland“, from “Thailand” to the 2005 APEC Summit in “Chile“. He speaks to audiences on “harnessing” the “power” of “adversity“, the importance of a “rope team,” and the daily struggle to “pursue your dreams“. Clearly, Erik’s accomplishments show that one does not have to have perfect eyesight to have extraordinary vision.

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Erik Weihenmayer Show Notes and Links from this Episode:

You can learn more about Erik from “kayakingblind.org“,”touchthetop.com” and “nobarriersusa.org

Be sure to check out Erik’s books “Touch the Top of the World” and “The Adversity Advantage

Also, Erik recommends “The World According to Garp by “John Irving” and the movie “Forrest Gump

The poem referenced in the podcast and often read to Erik, by his father Ed , is appropriately titled “Don’t Quit

Check Out Erik Weihenmayer’s The “No Barriers Pledge” Video:





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