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“Kevin Donoghue”
“Kevin Donoghue is a “Spartan Race Podium athlete and an Ultra Beast! He is in the top 20 in the world for “Spartan Racing, a grueling “obstacle race that is known for its incredibly difficult and demanding courses including what’s known as the “Ultra Beast Marathon. Kevin is appreciated and recognized globally not only for his incredible endurance but also for his leadership in sports performance, his dedication to “Special Needs Athletes as well as his outdoor adventure instruction.

Do you oftentimes face obstacles? Well, Kevin overcomes obstacles for a living! Kevin’s story is amazing and inspirational. At just 5’5”, 155 pounds, Kevin is one of the toughest athletes there is. Listen to how Kevin joined and is now dominating the one of the fastest growing sports in the world that includes grueling events that challenge both your overall athleticism and your will to push through adversity.

This exclusive interview opens the door to Kevin’s story about his most challenging choice in his life and what he did thereafter, which truly underscores a significant reason I started this Podcast, “Who Are You: The Life Lessons of Sports” For an amazingly tough guy, Kevin shares emotional and motivational insights into his journey and will no doubt encourage you to get out there and hurdle your own obstacles, whatever they may be. When he is not competing, Kevin designs and motivates his own clients through workouts that push them to reach their absolute best while offering nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle choices. Whether it’s in the great outdoors, over the web, or in your own home, Kevin finds the key to bringing out the best in you.

Who Are You Nation, Kevin is coming in with full positive energy as a co-owner of “Gladiator Sports, an “Ultra Marathoner, a national and “New York State Champion power lifter, a former “college football player,” and an extreme skier. You better be prepared to be your own Spartan as you buckle in and listen to our featured guest today, “Kevin Donoghue.”

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Motivational Quote

“It’s not our accomplishments that make us successful, it’s how our accomplishments benefit others” by Kevin Donoghue

Kevin Donoghue’s First Job

Mowed Loans

When Did It Click

Absolutely loved sports from a young age. He always felt he was a little bit faster, stronger and more aggressive than everyone else. Loved playing K**l The Carrier (G-Rated Show, Kevin). But it really clicked when he competed in his first Spartan Race in 2011, where he came in 4th place and fell in love with the sport!

Healthy Daily Habit

Kevin Thanks God Daily For Being Blessed For Everything He Has and For What’s Good as Well; as Well as To See All The Challenges And Accept Them As He Faces Them

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

1) Old School: “Baba O’Riley” by “The Who
2) New School: “Radioactive by “Imagine Dragons

Favorite Sports Movie(s)


Book Recommendation(s)

Tuesdays with Morrie, “Mitch Albom

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

“Shane McCarthy, “Extreme Skier

Foundation or Charity You Support

1) Eleanor Rocks (raise money for families with terminally ill children)
2) Team Winter (prostate cancer awareness)

Kevin Donoghue Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Kevin Donoghue” discusses his interaction and relationship with the late, “Sarah Burke“, “Freestyle Skier” and “Olympian” who died from injuries in a training session. But not before she was the main woman responsible for adding the “Freestyle Skiing Event” to the 2014 Sochi “Winter Olympics”. Kevin also shares a special story regarding how he named his dog in her memory and the special relationship they shared.

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