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Cari Champion
Cari Champion” 
is a superb example of determination, a strong woman who lived the early years of her life on a quest to find, discover and pursue her vision. The best part, and what she learned from playing “sports, was that she did not quit until she had achieved them. As a prime example, Cari has become a leading figure in the world of sports and “broadcast journalism. As host and moderator of “First Take on “ESPN2, Cari has cemented her position as a prominent voice covering multiple “sports and in her own words, “fulfilled her vision of fostering a better image of “African Americans and representing the underdogs.”

Listen to Cari’s reflections on “Andre Agassi, “Magic Johnson, “Tiger Woods, “Venus Williams and “Serena Williams, and “Facebook “CEO, “Sheryl Sandberg.

If you enjoy motivation and drive, then this episode was tailor made for you. Cari reminds and encourages all of us to trust our own gut and provides candid answers about time management and accountability. All of this and more is what makes her last name so fitting.

It is an honor to introduce “Cari Champion as she speaks to the life lessons that are told with a positive energy, sincerity and a lot of “moxie”! Enjoy.

Tweet: Check Out My Interview @WhoAreYouSports Where I Speak To The Life Lessons I Learned From Sports. Listen in: http://ctt.ec/lf4fN+

Motivational Quote

The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them” by “Maya Angelou

Cari Champion First Job

Worked for Econoprint with her friend.

When Did It Click

Diving headfirst into sports journalism during and after attending “UCLA

Healthy Daily Habit

Keeps lists and adheres to them!

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Roar” by “Katy Perry

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

Jerry Maguire

Book Recommendation(s)

Lean In  by “Sheryl Sandberg” (CEO of Facebook)
Playbook for Success” by Nancy Lieberman

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

Magic Johnson

Foundation or Charity You Support

St. Francis Center in Los Angeles

Cari Champion Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

N/A for this episode. Cari’s entire interview is behind-the-scenes!

Contact Information

First Take