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“Chris Brogan
“Chris Broganis a master of the Internet, internationally known for his “online marketing” and “social media” expertise, as well as his “New York Times” bestselling books such as, “Trust Agents and “The Impact Equation . And if you are an owner of a “Fortune 100 company you may have already called upon Chris to help build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust. 

But did you know that Chris is also incredibly insightful on sports, able to weave the lessons from athletics seamlessly into all facets of life? In his usual powerful and concise way, Chris introduces lesson after lesson for us all to absorb. Chris reminds us about the absolute necessity of discipline and how training is more important than the competition. He points to “mental toughness as a core foundation in facing obstacles seemingly insurmountable with a positive energy and willingness to sacrifice to achieve ultimate goals. And, he challenges us as sports fans to emulate the expectations we have of athletes.

To demonstrate his points, Chris uses examples of top competitors like “Larry Bird,” “Tom Brady,” and “New England Patriots Head Coach “Bill Belichick,” as well as mixed martial arts and body building athletes. Finally, he stresses the importance of the To Do list and how Chris utilizes the United States Military’s most successful tool for preparation and action. This is no ordinary interview; this is mastery in motion…

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Motivational Quote

“Do not go wherever the road may lead, but go where there is no road and leave a trail”  -by “Ralph Waldo Emerson

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

“More Human Than Human,” byWhite Zombie

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Business Stripped Bare by Sir Richard Branson

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Chris Brogan show his humility and explains how it’s all about others and that he would want to learn more about me, “Rob Elwood,” the host of the show. 

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