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Brandi Winans
Brandi Winans” Brandi is Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach/ Author. She is from Santa Ana, California and Saint Pete Beach, Florida. She went to college in Southern California, majoring in Psychology and Communication.

Throughout her career, she has been an Actor, Banker, area Sales Manager, Business Development and Marketing for various “companies” as well as a “Radio” and “Television” host. However her greatest job has been a wife and mother. As Brandi frankly states, she “got my MBA from the school of hard knocks.” Currently, She is an Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach and author of The Flip Side of Glory, The Stepping Stones of Life, Re-program You Series and The Wannabe Seminars.

Brandi is also the former wife of NFL Player, “Jeff Winans“, and a very strong “NFL” “Advocate” fighting for disability pensions for NFL players who played pre-1993. Her mission and dedication is to help educate spouses, and families of former players to understand the behavior of their husband, father or boyfriend who have suffered from TBI’s, otherwise know as “Traumatic Brain Injury“.

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Celebration of Jeff Winans

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