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“Layne Beachley”
Named the most successful “Australian surfer” ever, male or female, “Layne Beachley” is a 7-time consecutive “world champion” setting her apart from even the best names in the history of surfing, such as “Kelly Slater”. Beyond being inducted into both the “Australian Surfing Hall of Fame” and “United State Surfing Hall of Fame,” and winning the “Laureus World Sports Alternative Sportsperson of the Year Award” in 2004 and the “Extreme Female Athlete of the Year” in 2005, Layne’s athletic achievements were simply predicated on her mindset.

Adopted as a baby into a beach-loving family, Layne faced constant inner fears that she had to conquer in order to achieve success. Growing up in and around the “Manly Beach” area, located in the Northern part of “Sydney, Australia” Layne explains how she was “powered by the sun,” expanding limitless energy playing or spending all of her time outdoors. Although her adopted mother tragically passed away when Layne was only 6 years old, she persevered.

In our tell-all conversation “Layne Beachley” explains how she learned to conquer her own fears head on, by re-directing focus on the effort and passion she harnessed as opposed to constantly fixating on the scoreboard and outcome. Learning one of her most important lessons, to trust her own instincts, Layne knew when to “get out of her own way,” as she focused on controlling the “controllables.”

Today, Layne is a life coach, motivational speaker, board member and the founder and director of her “Aim For the Stars Foundation” where she inspires and motivates young women to “Dare to Dream, Pursue their Passion and Aspire to Achieve.”

Inspiring stories include: Layne’s in-depth surfing stories about her competitive battles with surf star, “Lisa Anderson”; her trials, triumphs and tribulations; and the guidance she received from “Wendy Botha and Australia’s well-known personal trainer, “The Sandhill Warrior,” Rob Rowland-Smith”. Enjoy listening to Layne’s journey as we even get a down under “G’Day” from Layne’s husband and “INXS music star, Kirk Pengilly”.

Do not miss this interview, as it is both motivational and inspirational, especially when Layne explains her incredible adrenaline rush and daring feat, riding a 50-foot wave, which ultimately depicted a summary of her life. Well now, I am extremely excited to introduce our featured guest of the day, Layne Beachley.

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Motivational Quote

“Never Give Up” by Layne Beachley

Layne Beachley First Job

Worked in a local surf shop in Manly Beach. Traded her free labor in exchange for an overnight home at the shop for her surfboard.

When Did It Click

Clicked for Layne when she was 17 years old and had just joined ASP World Tour. Although she originally felt overwhelmed, Layne made the decision there and then that she was going to become a world champion. To achieve this goal she took immediate action steps that included one planned (hired a new coach); one unplanned (she fell in love with a man who helped to narrow her focus and learn to understand and “shape” her board).

Healthy Daily Habit

A huge believer in a work-life balance: Layne encourages herself and everyone around her to identify what makes her happy; then do commit to that on a daily basis. All while learning to prioritize yourself over everything else that is going on in your daily life.

Layne Beachley enjoys a morning ritual that includes squeezing a half a lemon into hot water with honey every morning . She also massages her own feet with cold golfballs.

Baseball “Walk Up Song”

Lose Yourself,  by Eminem

Favorite Sports Movie(s)

1) “Caddyshack” 2) “Happy Gilmore

Book Recommendation(s)

1) “Beneath The Wave, by Michael Gordon
2) “The Art of Happiness, by The Dalai Lama

Who Would You Invite To Be A Guest

Roger Federer

Foundation or Charity You Support

Aim for the Stars Foundation (Layne’s foundation)

Exclusive Access “Behind-The-Scenes” Interview Topic

Layne explains what it is like to prepare for and then actually ride a 50-foot wave. Layne explains her mindset the evening prior and the day of her incredible feat.

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