Podcast Coach

If you are interested in starting your own Podcast, I am here to be your trusted advisor and coach. As in sports, to strive to be the best and learn the fundamentals as well the strategies of the game, learning how begin a Podcast takes the same dedication and perseverance. Therefore, without my friend, coach and mentor John Lee Dumas (2013 Best of iTunes Podcast Award Winner for his Podcast: Entrepreneur On Fire) I would never have been able to start this podcast. Thank you, John!

Like any great coach, John educated me on the best practices as well as on “how to stay within myself.” In a few months, he expedited my learning curve based on his own personal experience that otherwise would have most likely taken me over a year. Therefore, I have significant knowledge now, not only from working with John, but from the research and real-life experiences I have had during my journey to date.

Since I value quality over quantity, I only accept 4 coaching clients per month and will only align myself with someone who shares the similar core values I have as well as a level of drive and dedication that is motivated by intelligent decision making. If you are interested in joining my one-on-one coaching network, please complete the form below.

Life Coach

I am not certified, but I have developed enough experience to provide you or your team/business with the tools to beat the top of your game. Do you have a Game Face? Have you ever thought about your Game Face? A game face is not simply a sports term; it represents life. As my father still says to this day, “You are either on top of the situation or the situation is on top of you.” Growing up I truly did not understand what that meant until I began to face my own success and failures. Being on top of the situation takes a lot of heard work in life and it is not easy to do it alone. Without my mentors, family, friends and other life coaches I would struggle.

Do you constantly ask yourself questions such as: Why am I so stressed out? Why doesn’t the To Do list ever get shorter? How do I get that promotion I want? How do I know when to assert my views with others? How do I balance my family with my job? I want to be a team player but can’t seem to find the right teammates – these questions and more are ones I hear every day from Who Are You nation listeners and colleagues around the sports, education and business world. One of the main reasons I started this show was to help others find the answers they need to stay on top of their game. If you feel like you need some guidance navigating any part of your personal or professional life, the life coaching opportunities are for you!

Need A Counselor/Coach For Your Team or Business?

Are you or your team/company in need of some motivation, direction or organizational structure? I have been researching and practicing the mindset of sports and the mental discipline of athletes and business professionals (as there is a strong parallel) for over 20 years. There is nothing more enjoyable then to build a “safe” space where all parties are comfortable (teams, coaches, individual players) trusting one another and therefore, communicating in an honest and open manner. When this is achieved, sincere, positive and healthy relationships are formed with aspiring or established athletes of any ability. This bond then becomes a joint journey that is both rewarding and inspiring.

I am fully committed to working with “students of the game” who understand (those with the passion and dedication to learn) there is more to competing than simply playing. Sports is all about the holistic view and approach to the two most important questions: 1) Why am I doing or playing what I am doing/playing? 2) Am I enjoying and learning from what I am doing/playing? Sports, similar to life in general, is about enjoying the journey and knowing the reasons for why you have made the choices to participate. If one can know (or learn to figure out the answers to these questions) the understand the importance of grasping the responses to these questions, then anything else that occurs along the way: the scoreboard, the wins, the losses, the ups, the downs…all of that is simply “noise” and a true distraction for the reason you are willing to put in the effort in the first place. Sports is a process and one that should be embraced for the right reasons; and those reasons are understanding the life lessons you learn each and every day as a participant regardless of your role, ability, gender or age.

There are many elements of the sports experience including proper preparation, handling pressure, being a great teammate, balancing time and expectations, as well as many other topics such as separation from parents or other family members, and maintaining a relaxed approach, being disciplined, organized and understanding/practicing focus. Simple tools can make a tremendous difference in generating success as an aspiring youth, High School, Collegiate, or Professional athlete or coach. I am here to help you help yourself to move forward towards the success it takes to maintain focus and understand the core reason you are doing what you are doing and mentally comprehend why it is you are doing it in the first place.